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Starts: 10/23/2021

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NASHVILLE AMAZING RACE!!!  A fun, family-friendly, competitive event with 10 locations and challenges as seen on THE AMAZING RACE on television.  You don’t want to miss this amazing event for a great cause... each registered participant is invited to join this race and meet back for dinner together from 4-6 PM.  We encourage teams of up to 7 people and there will be a GRAND PRIZE for the winning team and bragging rights for days!


Please unite with us as our fight for our son continues!  We brought our son home at birth and have raised him for the first {going on} six years of his life.  He currently remains with our family in the only home he’s ever known in Nolensville, TN.  He is our firstborn child and is such a delight to our family!  His birth mother has never waivered in her decision to place him with us for adoption, however his birth father is fighting her and us for full custody.  After our adoption was overturned by the Supreme Court of OH and denied in the state of FL, we have been given another opportunity to start over again here in TN.  As you can imagine, the cost of litigation is tremendous and we are asking for your support.  Please participate in this FUN, AMAZING RACE AROUND SITES IN NASHVILLE to help fund the final leg of our journey to keeping our son with his family, including his 3 year old brother, to whom he has a very special bond.  We ask for your prayers in the coming months for our family and the future of our firstborn son.


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