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Its time to take Virtual Events to the Next Level!

We have all seen how Virtual Events have replaced the Traditional Run/Walk Fundraisers provided the pandemic, however we desire more!!!  Lets keep everyone "On Course" while having a little competitive fun supporting the events and nonprofits/charities impacted by Covid-19 in the process. Sound interesting???... then keep going!!!

As a participant in this virtual event each of you will run/walk the course of ANY event (cancelled, postponed, derailed, disrupted, envisioned, etc) due to Covid-19. You heard that right... run a course! Once complete you'll publish your results using your BIB assignment (located on your registration confirmation) through the Submit Virtual Event option within the Logbook of the RunGo Mobile App (details below).

But wait a moment! Before lacing up your kicks, lets look a the "Cause"! This Next Generation Virtual Event has an interesting charitable angle to it. With RESULTS in HAND its now YOUR mission to INVITE others to register and run the SAME EXACT COURSE YOU ran. Why??? Wait for it!!! Its almost here! But first...

When registering be sure to create a unique "On Course" Group/Team... and insert the USATF Course or RunGo Route Number at the end separated by a colon. "Team 1" and "Team 2" are the individual team names which will prefix the On Course for a Cause Team name to be used. See below... and feel free to click to see what they look like on RunSignUp.

Here's an example group/team name using an USATF Course:  Team 2 - Applechase 5K - Revised 2013 "Off Track" : NJ13014LMB (Event Name : USATF Course Number)

Sames as above using the identical route on RunGo:  Team 1 - Applechase 5K - Revised 2013 "Off Track" : zUvEWw4pGe (Event Name : RunGo Route ID)

---- > Please use one or the other above, Course - Route Group Naming conventions but NOT both. < ----

Can't wait anymore... OK... here is the charitable "bottom line"... 

The TOP FIVE (5) event/courses that STRIVE for the LARGEST participation numbers (not times) with associated RESULTS SUBMITTED through this event prior to midnight the 7th of September, Labor Day will receive a MONETARY (Moolah, cash, dinero, etc) SPONSORSHIP, for their charity, directly from this event. The Sponsorship will consist of 50% of all the event registration proceeds collected in support of this event by your "teammates". A little math shows us that fifty percent (50%) of thirty-five dollars ($35) is seventeen dollars and fifty cents ($17.50). If one hundred (100) people run in support of their charity and are ranked in the (STRIVE FOR THE) TOP FIVE (5) groups/teams* finishing this event, will raise $1750 for their nonprofit/charity. No how's that for PUTTING YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH US

One last tidbit regarding selecting a Course and a Charity.

Charities are selected by the Group (Team) Creator during the registration process. This is an optional field for everyone else and is only required of those leading a Group/Team. Please ensure this is a valid charity as the RMMR Event Promotions staff will be contacting and confirm their legal "nonprofit" status. Only formalized 501 c3 nonprofits or those in pending status are eligible.  

If an event has yet to identify a Course, or no course exists then its up to that Group (Team) Creator to identify/create a course on RunGo and share it with his/her team! Be sure to select/create a course that is easily accessible and safe from the traffic patterns of the day. Sidewalks are "ok" and encouraged in high density areas. Safety first when on a road/course way.

We have many "Heroes Among US" that we can thank and its only fair that they be rewarded for their efforts.... that is... If the team engaged can find enough people to make it happen!

So... gather up your posse, find a event, course and charity and lay down some times to show the world what you are made of and how you can make a difference!

*To eligible for a Strive for the TOP 5 placement ALL participants results need to be part of a RunSignUp, Stay! On Couse event Group! Results get to RunSignUp through the SUBMIT TO VIRTUAL RACE feature of the RunGo Logbook (share) using YOUR ASSIGNED BIB NUMBER (DO NOT POST using your EMAIL or NAME as the results may not count). All decisions regarding POSTED RESULTS will be made exclusively by RMMR Event Promotions and ALL/THEIR DECISIONS ARE FINAL.

Bracket/Division Details & Fees:

  1. On Course for a Cause - Social Distance Challenge - Wave1

    Activity Starts: 7/6/2022 00:00 - Activity Ends: 8/10/2022 11:59
    Registration opens : 6/29/2022 00:00
    Activity type: Virtual race
    Requires Date of Birth
    Requires phone number
    Giveaway(s): T-Shirt
    Registration Periods:
    • Registration opens : 6/29/2022 00:00
      Registration closes : 7/13/2022 23:59
      Race fee : $25.00
      Processing fee : $2.50

  2. On Course for a Cause - Social Distance Challenge - Wave2

    Activity Starts: 7/13/2022 00:00 - Activity Ends: 8/17/2022 11:59
    Registration opens : 7/6/2022 00:00
    Activity type: Virtual race
    Requires Date of Birth
    Requires phone number
    Registration Periods:
    • Registration opens : 7/6/2022 00:00
      Registration closes : 7/20/2022 23:59
      Race fee : $30.00
      Processing fee : $2.50

  3. On Course for a Cause - Social Distance Challenge - Wave3

    Activity Starts: 7/20/2022 00:00 - Activity Ends: 8/24/2022 11:59
    Registration opens : 7/13/2022 00:00
    Activity type: Virtual race
    Requires Date of Birth
    Requires phone number
    Registration Periods:
    • Registration opens : 7/13/2022 00:00
      Registration closes : 7/27/2022 23:59
      Race fee : $35.00
      Processing fee : $3.00

  4. On Course for a Cause - Social Distance Challenge - Wave4

    Activity Starts: 7/27/2022 00:00 - Activity Ends: 8/31/2022 11:59
    Registration opens : 7/20/2022 00:00
    Activity type: Virtual race
    Requires Date of Birth
    Requires phone number
    Registration Periods:
    • Registration opens : 7/20/2022 00:00
      Registration closes : 8/3/2022 23:59
      Race fee : $40.00
      Processing fee : $3.00

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