Best Damn Race Presents the Oregon Trail Challenge!

Can you outrun dysentery? Trek it solo or fill your wagon with up to 6 travelers and run, walk, cycle, skate, swim, kayak, skip, or even crawl the entire distance of the Oregon Trail. 

Starting in Independence Missouri, you will make stops (checkpoints) along the way and earn digital badges at some of the historic places along the trail. 


Checkpoints for 2,000 Mile Oregon Trail Challenge:

1. Fort Kearny - mile 317 
2. Chimney Rock - mile 591
3. Independence Rock - mile 840
4. South Pass - mile 946
5. Fort Bridger - mile 1063
6. Fort Hall - mile 1279
7. Three Island Crossing - mile 1454
8. Flagstaff Hill - mile 1692
9. The Dalles - mile 1907
10 Oregon City - mile 2000

Checkpoints for 200 Mile Mini Challenge: Every mile you move virtually turns into 10 miles in the mini challenge.

1. Fort Kearny - mile 31.7 
2. Chimney Rock - mile 59.1 
3. Independence Rock - mile 84
4. South Pass - mile 94.6
5. Fort Bridger - mile 106.3
6. Fort Hall - mile 127.9
7. Three Island Crossing - mile 145.4
8. Flagstaff Hill - mile 169.2
9. The Dalles - mile 190.7
10 Oregon City - mile 200



T-Shirt: Each participant can choose to add on a shirt(s) of their choice to start the challenge. Mailed within 21 days of registration.
Digital Postcards: Each participant will receive their postcards as they reach each check point during the challenge.  
Finisher Medal: Each participant will receive a finisher medal at the completion of the challenge in the mail.
Finisher Patch: Each participant will receive a finisher patch at the completion of the challenge in the mail.
How to complete:

Register as an individual or team:
Run, walk, bike, skate, skip, kayak, ski, row, or step climb your way. 
Log your activity (HERE)

When do I get my stuff?

  • Shirts will be mailed within 21 days of your registration.
  • Digital badges will be emailed once you or your team reaches each checkpoint.
  • Finisher Medals & Finisher Patches will be mailed to you once you have completed your challenge.*

*Please note that Medals and Patches will not go out any sooner than November.

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