Start date: 09/09/2023

Registration: opens 02/01/2023
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Activities: Gravel grinder, Special 🚴🏿‍♂️ event, 120 miles, 65 miles, 35 miles, 30 miles

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   Our goal for the Pony Express 120 Gravel Dash is to provide the Gravel Grinder community with a challenging ride and an opportunity to explore some of the history of the great mid-west. Modeled after other great gravel rides/races in this area, this event is for the self-sufficient minded cyclist who enjoys being pushed to their limits. At times this is a remote area but with enough towns along the way to resupply with  support crew locations. Experience the rich history of North Eastern Kansas by riding 120 miles of gravel through the same territory and small towns as the Pony Express riders did over 150 years ago. There will also be 65 mile & 35 mile routes for those who wish to ride a shorter distance.

This area was the intersection of 8 historic trails of significance - The Pony Express, Oregon, California, Mormon, Otoe-Missouri Trails, Fort Leavenworth Military Road, St. Joseph Road, and the Overland Stage Coach. Along the way you will cross paths with some of these trails indicated by stone markers and old structures of gone but not forgotten towns, campsites and school districts.

Marysville, Kansas was the first Pony Express Home Station for weary west bound riders after traveling over rolling hills and beautiful valleys. The original barn is now a museum in the downtown area. Feel like a modern day Pony Express rider as you saddle up and ride your trusted steed through the countryside and small towns of this beautiful part of Kansas. "REMEMBER - KANSAS IS NOT FLAT".

GPS files will be available for download.  Rules can be found here.  And please follow us on Facebook to keep current on everything that is happening with the race!

If you have further questions, please call Mark at 785-562-7163.


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