My son Porter is almost a year and a half and has had numerous seizures of different types. He is epileptic along with several other special needs. His neurologist as well as his father and I believe that he would benefit greatly from a service dog. This dog will be able to alert us when he is having a seizure and help him come out of it when it’s over. While we are extremely blessed to have been gifted a puppy to be his service dog, the training is still expensive. We are putting on this 5k in hopes to raise money for Pennys training as well as raise awareness for epilepsy in general. National epilepsy day falls on a Sunday so we figured why not have the race then? We hope you come out and enjoy this 5k/fun run. It is not a timed event, we want everyone to join and enjoy being around all of those who love and choose to support Porter and Penny in this journey!

Your opinion on Porter and Penny 5k?

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