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Activities: Virtual race, 5 Miles

This will be a fun run for the students, staff, and families of Post Oak Academy!  Students will travel through the galaxy logging as many miles as they can. 

  • Travel 1/2 mile =          Mercury
  • Travel 1 mile  =            Venus
  • Travel 1 1/2 miles =     Earth
  • Travel 2 miles   =         Mars 
  • Travel 3 miles =           Jupiter
  • Travel 4 miles =           Saturn
  • Travel 4 1/2 miles =     Uranus
  • Travel 5 miles =           Neptune 

Every student who registers for the race will receive a prize.  In addition, students and staff who make it all the way to Neptune (travel 5 miles), their names will be put in a drawing for additional raffle prizes based on the following categories:  PreK- 2nd Grade; 3rd- 5th Grade; 6th- 8th Grade; and Staff.   Any staff or student who donates, or has someone donate on their behalf will be entered into a school wide raffle as well. A special prize will be awarded to the class team that has the most participants (based on percentage of the class).

Students, staff, and families are encouraged to dress for the Space Race theme, and post photos on social media using #postoakspacerace.

We will track this activity for updates (& no spam! 😀)