This clinic is intended for the novice or first-time triathlete. No previous knowledge of the rules or how
triathlons are organized is required.  The purpose of this clinic is to educate you about equipment, strategies,
and safety protocols related to an open water swimming leg of a triathlon. This is not a swimming technique
clinic; this is a lecture on dry land.  We will help remove the unknown and replace that big scary void with
information and a plan! 
We'll talk about the different types of wetsuits (bring one if you have it, they are not required) - how to know
if they fit properly, where to get them, and what to expect to spend.  We'll teach you things like & "snorkels are
legal"; in triathlon swimming.  So is breaststroke, sidestroke, or backstroke (or whatever your versions of those
strokes look like – nobody is judging).  So is walking.  So is hanging on a boat. And we're not kidding. Once you
have attended this clinic you will have a clear understanding of what to expect on race day and be ready to have fun


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