(AGES 6-12 years old )

Join us Presidents’ Day Monday, February 20th, between the hours of 9am-1pm for our Ninja/Nerf/Sports Day Camp. Participants will enjoy swinging from rings/ropes, traversing monkey bars and climbing and running on our warped/rock walls. Playing games like tag, musical chairs, dodge ball, and hide and seek. As well as participating in a Nerf Gun Shooting Gallery and Nerf Games like “Capture the flag” and “Six Shooter”. Pizza and fries will be served for lunch. Packed lunches and snacks are also welcome to be sent in with your child, and a water cooler is available, so please bring a water bottle. Participants should be dressed in loosed fitted gym style clothing with sneakers that have a rubber sole. Please do not wear sandals, flip flops or any sneaker with a foam only bottom. 

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