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Join us in a virtual race that explores the beautiful Sea of Galilee! The majority of Jesus’ ministry is around the Sea of Galilee. Located north of the Jordan River, east of Nazareth, just south of Syria, and some 40 miles from Jerusalem, it’s peculiar why Jesus chose this northern region of Palestine to begin his ministry. Even though we might consider Nazareth set apart from the Galilean area today, it was part of the same district in Jesus’ time (Matthew 2:22-23), so essentially Jesus was on his home turf, or fairly close to it. 

First, we invite you to walk and learn about the beauty of the Sea of Galilee, also to dive into the rich Biblical history and walk where Jesus walked during his ministry. 

Second, it provides a way to talk through the separate communities of Jews and pagans in and around this area, and so too, how we live in the world and not in a “Christian nation.” It’s easy to generalize that in this region there were predominantly Jewish people and forget (or ignore) the truth that there were many different people with varying faiths and opinions just like today.

Third, it might challenge us to a more simple life. Remember, this is the countryside. When Jesus says, “Don’t worry about tomorrow…” (6:25), he’s looking out onto the lake. He’s not in the hustle and bustle of city life. We should be challenged to certainly find peace in the place God plants us, even if that is in an urban area, but we should also find ways to connect and be dependent on his provisions that are more natural than the concrete worlds we live within so often.

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