Put On Your Big Girl/Boy Pants and Run/Walk All Month


Presented by the Outer Banks Running Club, benefiting the Outer Banks SPCA.
Take on our 31 day virtual challenge to run or walk at least one mile each day.
Run on your own and post your mileage, time, and personal notes on our results page, (see instructions below).
WHAT: Commit to running/walking each day in January.  
WHEN: Our Virtual Challenge starts January 1, 2023 and ends January 31, 2023, you can register until January 1, 2023.
FEE: $9.00 which includes a $5 donation to the Outer Banks SPCA. OBRC members receive a $3.00 discount.
WHAT YOU GET: All registrants will receive a fun button for participating. It will be mailed or hand delivered.
BENEFICIARY:  $5 of every registration will benefit the Outer Banks SPCA, a local non-profit organization dedicated to helping find homes for pets, for info click here: https://www.obxspca.org/
REGISTRATION: Registration opens December 9th and closes January 1, 2023. To join the Outer Banks Running Club (OBRC) and receive member benefits including a discount on this Virtual Challenge, just check the "I want to join" box during the sign up process.

Instructions are here on how to PRINT or Share your Virtual Bib. Your Name and Bib Number will automatically populate:

Instructions are here on how to post your results. You can post your individual daily activity and view your progress each time you run/walk during the month:


Have other questions? Please email one of our Race Directors below at:  obxrunningclub@gmail.com

​Race Director, OBRC President, & RRCA Certified Running Coach:  Wendy Coulson Murray

Co-Race Director, Club Coach, & RRCA Certified Running Coach: Jonathan H Hope 


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