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Activities: Virtual race, 25 Miles

This is our newest and most flexible challenge so far inside of RunWage! This challenge is a great way to get started with RunWage or start your running journey if you've never run regularly before, or if you're doing cardio as a supplement to a weight-training program.



  • Set your baseline pace for a run of at least 1 mile.
  • Choose the "Goal Pace" you want to hit by the end of your challenge.
  • Make your payment and start logging your miles inside the RunWage app.
  • Work towards your goal pace milestone and collect your prize when you achieve it!

So how do you know what your goal pace should be?

Over the course of 3 weeks (the length of this challenge), you can expect a reduction in your overall running pace - but it will vary from person to person. You could improve your overall pace by 5 minutes or by 5 seconds - do what feels natural and comfortable for you!

Choose your goal pace and get started today!

We will track this activity for updates (& no spam! 😀)