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Activities: Virtual race, 1 Mile, 4.5 Miles, 9 Miles

The Eugene Science Center's Race Through Space is a virtual race scaled at 1:1 billion miles reaching all the planets (and dwarf planet Pluto) in our solar system. This race takes place on a unique scaled Solar System Trail located in Eugene, Oregon. This scaled path is the longest on the West Coast, and the only one in Oregon! 

Race Through Space is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while exploring our solar system. Proceeds of this race support the Eugene Science Center and its mission to engage children, excite their curiosity, inspire them toward a lifelong love of learning about science, and empower them to use science and technology to improve their communities.

To reach Pluto and back is a full 9 miles, but for those who don't wish to travel from Alton Baker Park to down River Road, we have other courses to choose from!
 - The 4.5-mile loop starting at the Sun in Alton Baker Park and reaching Uranus and crossing the bridge at Valley River Center.

- The .5-mile "Shooting Stars" race for our younger friends. This course starts and ends at the Sun as racers pass by Mercury, Venus, the Earth and Moon, and then Mars. This whole course is in Alton Baker Park.

This virtual race can happen at any time in July! We hope to make this a one-day event in the future, but to practice safe social distancing, we encourage you and your household or close circle to find a day in July to bike, walk, or run your desired course!

We will track this activity for updates (& no spam! 😀)