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RELENTLESS 100 Challenge 

RELENTLESS 100 Challenge is a virtual challenge with a real life reward.  You choose to log either your hours with your horse working with your horse or miles.  We will send you a beautiful custom medal with the horse sized neck ribbon, an embroidered patch and a lapel pin. *please see note on the timeline for medal delivery

What counts for hours? Not chores!  Sorry.  

What does count: Grooming, ground work, driving, riding and spook training etc.  This challenge was created with the horse owners in mind who are facing the winter months where snow, ice and freezing temperatures make it difficult to get in quality time with your horse(s).  


We think that if you are out there braving the hours in the cold to build that bond with your horse that you are indeed, RELENTLESS.


Hours or miles?

It is up to you if you are logging miles or hours for this challenge.   We are here to cheer you on, whether it is ground work or miles.  It is what do you need it to be right now. Maybe you have a horse that you know would greatly benefit from 100 hours of consistent handling, no matter what climate you are currently in.   Maybe you want to track 100 miles in the snow.  Riding or walking, grooming or groundwork.  The choice is up to you, what do you want the medal and patch will mean to you?  You will have a great community to encourage your progress and cheer you on in our Facebook group, WARHORSE Endurance Conditioning Challenges.


 The art design for this medal is not completed yet, so warning: this medal will not even be created until next year and you will certainly will not ship until best estimate late spring!   DO NOT sign up if you are not willing to wait some months for the medal to be sent out.  


Is this challenge for a cause?

This challenge is a partial fundraiser for Operation Underground Railroad.  This is a sensitive topic.  And one that I honestly had a very difficult time believing existed in modern times.  Though I invite you to look into Operation Underground Railroad and also to watch the movie that is scheduled to be released soon "Sound of Freedom" .  

Sex trafficking is something that I would rather not think about, would not like to believe that could exist, though it does. 


Once the challenge is closed, WARHORSE Endurance will send $5.00 from each entry to Operation Underground Railroad 


Shipping in the USA

Shipping is included for this medal, like the other challenges, though is only available to ship in the USA at this price.  

Shipping Outside of the USA

Overseas participants will have shipping of the patch included.  Though the cost of shipping the medal and the pin is NOT included.  Yes, you do have the option if outside of the USA to have the medal and pin shipped to you.  Though the added cost of international shipping must be paid by you, via an additional invoice sent and paid with PayPal.  I am happy to ship overseas, though this will be at an additional invoice for cost of shipping to your location if outside of the USA. 
We learned from the most recent two challenges that many or most of you also wanted the patch.  We heard you.  For USA entries, when you join the RELENTLESS 100 Challenge, for your completion, you will be getting the medal with horse sized neck ribbon, a lapel pin and the 3 inch, medal-shaped logo patch with your entry! 

 For overseas participants you will be receiving the embroidered patch.


Tracking miles online with run sign up is an option!  You can track in a notebook if you'd like, or an app made for tracking miles!  What we really want is to see photos, mileage screenshots and hear your journey on our facebook group!   WARHORSE Endurance Conditioning Challenge  

Sign up
Sign up, track your hours/miles with your horse(s) at your own pace and become part of one of the most encouraging mileage reward programs in the world!   This is our first year of WARHORSE Endurance Challenges & this is our first winter challenge!  

Thank You for Your Support!!!
Thank you for joining us on our journey in offering the 100 Mile Challenges  in this tough year, we appreciate you!  While there is a specific charity for this challenge, we will also be using the $ from this challenge to hire artists and to pre-order medals/patches/pins for the following year in hopes we have enough support to keep these challenges going. 
A question I get often:
What will be the next challenge after this one?   Yes, as long as the need for them is here, I will be do my best to keep offering the challenges next year, though your support is key. 

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