Start date: 09/23/2023

Registration: opens 12/29/2022
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Activities: Special 🚴🏿‍♂️ event, 53 miles, 25 miles, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 4-6 hours, 5 hours, 40 miles

GID: 58674

To all volunteers - event gear and a meal is included!!

Please pick up your swag/shirt or Mudslinger socks at the venue check-in before volunteering. Check current conditions and prepare for any weather! Thank you for the support!


Aid Stations - Please Dress for the weather, sunscreen,ETC.  We will still be providing real food and hydration for aid stations plus drop bags for riders that will come via our aid captain 30 minutes or so before your shift starts. Please follow your aid captain's instructions and alert any rider not involved in the event about the event in a kind and caring way. Make sure to track all rider plate numbers in the final 30 minutes or so before your aid station is scheduled to close. The sweep/clear riders will be the key to your task is done. 

Sweep/Clear Riders - This task can be one of the hardest or most comfortable of the day. The pace and time it takes depending on who is on course will vary. You are following the final riders with enough support to designate the final 3 riders to clear the course markings (Pink arrows, Yellow X No's and special signs) and pick up any wrappers or tossed water bottles etc.

Early sweeps please get instructions on what not to clear if part of the route will be used later in the day. 

We will provide you with a Sweep plate and, in some instances, communication devices that can be picked up in the am. Please track your mileage in the case of an incident to relay that information to the communication and ham radio operators located on the course. 

Please alert the Ham Radio Operators at each checkpoint your last name and what loop you are sweeping. Please bring hand sanitizer with you or pick up some from our crew in the am for the ride! Thank you


Thank you all!


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