Run 4 Their Lives is a Freedom 4/24 event that raises awareness and funds to bring sexually exploited women and children into freedom.

Run 4 Their Lives is Freedom 4/24’s race series which is held in cities across the United States to bring communities together for a family friendly, hopeful event to increase awareness of human trafficking, share stories of girls who are now rescued and free, and encourage continued advocacy. Freedom 4/24 seeks to prevent and end sexual exploitation and trafficking locally and globally. Often participants increase their advocacy efforts by becoming fundraisers and using the race as a platform to share about the issue of human trafficking and the work of Freedom 4/24. 


Baldwin Students. If you are planning on running for their lives, bringing freedom, doing justice, and preventing and ending sexual exploitation and trafficking, you can use the codes below for your registration. 

We believe that everyone can do something in the fight against human trafficking, but nothing is not an option. Even for college students. In fact, Freedom 4/24 was founded by a college student! 

65 race registrations have been sponsored by the Squirrel's Fighting Human Trafficking Club. This is on a first come first serve basis. Use the code below for a FREE race registration. You can copy and paste this code (below) during the payment section of the registration process. 


If the codes for a free registration have already been used, you can still race free of charge! Email the president of Squirrels Fighting Human Trafficking, Kaitlyn Savage, at to have a local sponsor cover your discounted registration fee.

We ask for honesty and transparency in using this compensated registrations as all of the proceeds and registration fees go to further our mission of preventing and ending sexual exploitation and trafficking. Upon checking in on race day you will be asked to show your student ID. 



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