Who: YOU, and up to 3 of your friends

What: You & your team will run the year in miles. That’s right 2023 miles! We won’t stop you at 2023 though, so if you want to be an overachiever go right ahead.

When: Starts January 1, 2023

Where: Anywhere! The beauty of this challenge is that your team can be made up of people from all over the world!

Why: Because why not? This is a friendly challenge that will offer monthly activities/challenges and keep us motivated throughout 2023 and beyond.

Each team will need to nominate a team captain. The team members will need to report their monthly mileage to this person, and then they will in turn report their team’s monthly mileage via google forms. The monthly mileage is due by the 4th of each month. 


-Register each team (teams can be 1-4 people) to sign up for challenge. Only one registration is needed per team. So, even if you have a team of four, only one person will submit a registration on behalf of the whole team. After registration deadline has ended (1/15), all registered teams will be contacted to submit a team captain name and email. The team captain will be responsible for submitting team mileage accrued each month by the 4th of every month. In doing so, teams who submit montly mileage will be entered to win prizes! At the end of the challenge, teams will be invited to pick up their event shirts and share in the success of 2023 miles achieved! 



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