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1 Month.  Team or Solo. 

Mileage and Vert Goals.  Weekly Challenges. 

Exploration.  Engaging in the Community.

Sign up with a team or solo, and go for your own distance and vert goals, with fun twists along the way each week with our unique and exciting challenges!

The SEOTR Winter Virtual Challenge is all about bringing together the community, albeit virtually, in a fun and social way.  This month-long challenge will give you a platform to help explore and stay motivated during the otherwise cold and dreary winter days.

This challenge is open to anyone, no matter where you live, by running, walking, hiking, or trekking (any foot powered mode!).  You can make it as fun, difficult, or as social as you want, go at it on a team or by yourself.  We hope to have a lot of fun and engage with activity on social media, with our Facebook Group and Strava Club, so feel free to participate socially as much or as little as you wish.  If you want to join this challenge and stay low-key while completing the goals and challenges, that is completely up to you as well.  Whatever you want from this challenge, you will get it!   

There are two parts of the SEOTR Winter Virtual Challenge:

Overall Goals for Mileage and Elevation Gain (Vert!).  Each runner and team will be able to choose their own mileage and elevation gain goals for the challenge.  The challenge will compile a leaderboard for total miles and elevation gain for individuals and teams to see where they rank!   
Weekly Challenges.  Each participant, whether you're on a team or solo, will also have challenges to complete each week!  Stay excited and motivated with these tasks that will keep you on your feet, literally.  Each challenge (3 each week for 4 weeks) will provide a hard workout, give you a reason to explore, as well as have fun twists!

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