Join the local running community for a non-scored training run with multiple distances for the upcoming spring marathons and half marathons. Dave's MIT coaches will be on hand to lead multiple long run paces, so you can choose which pace you want to run for the event. What is different about this run? The Mason family of Dave's Running Shops will be providing a BREAKFAST to rival that of any king's feast!!!

If breakfast isn't your style after a run, you can still show up and run with others at no charge. Come on out and get your long run in with company as runners prepare for the Glass City Marathon. Just register for the FREE event, and you will be set to go!!! 

Planned Distances:

6ish and 12ish mile courses on the Quarry Ridge/Fossil Park Bike Path in Sylvania, OH

Planned Paces (avg per mile):

7:45/8:15/8:45/9:00/9:15/9:30/9:45/10:00/10:15/10:30/10:45/11:00/11:15/11:30/11:45/12:00/12:15/12:30/Walk-Run Combo

Two Ways To Enter:

  1. FREE Option:  Register and just show up to run! No Breakfast or Bib Number Provided.
  2. PREMIUM Option:  Bib Number (ticket for breakfast), Wonderful Breakfast.

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