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Please join us for the 24th Annual Spirit's 5K & and Beer Mile. This race will start and Finish at Spirits. You will run through the Beautiful Historic Garden District. Join us after the race for a great finishing party including food, drinks, and fellowship with great friends.  Packet pickup with be at  Run Wild on Friday from 12 Noon until 6pm and at Spirits on Saturday starting at 12 noon and finishing at 1:45.  1 mile will start at 2pm, 5K at 2:15 with beer mile to follow at 3pm.  

What is a Beer Mile?  The concept is simple: a beer every quarter mile for 1 mile. Sounds easy? Not quite.  The race will start at  Spirits and finish four beers later with a heart-pounding sprint to the finish.  If you are feeling courageous you can  sign up for both races at a discounted rate.  

Beer Mile Rules

1. Each competitor drinks four  beers and runs four quarter laps.
2. Beer must be consumed before the lap is begun, within the transition area which is the 10 meter zone before the start/finish line on a 400m track.
3. The race begins with the drinking of the first beer in the last meter of the transition zone to ensure the competitors run a complete mile (1609 meters).
4. Women also drink four beers in four laps (past rule lists only required ladies to drink three beers).
5. Beer must be a minimum of 5% alcohol. Beer will be provided by Huckleberry Brewery. 
6. Each beer can must not be opened until the competitor enters the transition zone on each lap.
7. Competitors who vomit before they finish the race must complete one penalty lap at the end of the race (immediately after the completion of their 4th lap). Note: Vomiting more than once during the race still requires only one penalty lap at the end.


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