Join Dexter High School and Skyline High Schools' National Honor Society's Second Annual Sprout Love Spring Fling Move-A-Thon. The students have set a goal to raise $10,000 for the Sprout Love Initiative. The school that raises the most money will win a trophy to be displayed at their school.

Registrants will receive entry into the race, a race t-shirt, and a Sprout Love Sticker. Participants must register by April 13th to be guaranteed a race t-shirt. Race items will distributed at the race on May 1st.

Event location:
Al Ritt Stadium
2521 Baker Rd
Dexter MI, 48130


About Sprout Love 

The Sprout Love Initiative at the Cancer Support Community raises funds for a Financial Assistance Fund that covers the basic living expenses for individuals experiencing financial hardship due to cancer and its treatment.

The Duke Cancer Institute found that 42% of participants reported a significant or catastrophic financial burden due to their cancer.
- 68% cut back on leisure activities
- 46% reduced spending on food and clothing
- 46% used savings to defray out-of-pocket expenses
- To save money, 20% took less than the prescribed amount of medication, 19% partially filled prescriptions, and 24% avoided filling prescriptions altogether

The Sprout Love Financial Assistance Fund launched in 2019; the fund has granted $250,000 to over 100 families experiencing financial hardship due to cancer and its treatment, including:

  • $117,600 toward rent and mortgage
  • $43,100 toward car payments and insurance
  • $38,300 toward utilities
  • $13,700 toward phone and internet
  • $14,700 toward groceries and gasoline
  • $22,200 toward other necessities, including home and auto repairs, childcare, and more

100% of contributions to the Sprout Love Spring Fling Move-A-Thon will go to the Sprout Love Financial Assistance Fund to directly address significant financial hardship by providing a bridge for families undergoing cancer treatment.

Click Here to Listen to the Stories of Individuals who have been impacted by cancer.

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