The Walk for the Poor,® hosted by the St. Vincent de Paul Society of South Florida, will be a virtual walk taking place from March 18 to March 26. The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a non-profit organization with conferences in Catholic parishes all over the county. 

Vincentians work toward finding families in need within their communities by way of a conference and keep contact with the families that they help. Services the organization provides to help the poor include anything from providing clothes and food to helping to pay rent or car payments. 

The Walk for the Poor® is one of the many ways that the St. Vincent De Paul Society raises awareness to widespread poverty and gathers donations to help people affected by it. 

As a virtual walk, you can complete The Walk for the Poor® anywhere at anytime in any way you want. Invite your family, friends, and neighbors to participate to raise awareness of and funds for those who need help in our neighborhoods. 

The majority of the money raised during the event is from donations, 97 percent of which goes directly to helping the poor.

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