Stacey Keane Burns was a loving mother of five children, in Wolfeboro New Hampshire.  Her life came to tragic end on May 10, 2009 when she was found brutally murdered in her bedroom. Her killer has never been arrested.  Stacey worked as the school nurse at Carpenter school.  Stacey had an altruistic spirit and a loving, kind heart.  She touched the lives of many people,  always willing to lend a hand.  Her bubbly, effervescent personality made those around her feel as if they had always been friends. She was loved and is  missed by many.

   The scholarship award is given to individuals who are  pursuing a career in nursing,  who do not only show merit and need, but also for those who embody Stacey’s giving spirit and kind heart.  

   This is a virtual 5K Run/Walk event.  This will allow anybody to participate from any given location.  You will need to download the “Runsignup Race Day Check In” app on to track and submit your official time. Participate here in Wolfeboro and  run/walk the original course, or choose your own location to participate in this event. 

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