Join us for all of September 2021 while we run, walk, and complete fun challenges all to raise awareness of sleep related infant death and raise money for Sudden Infant Death Services, of Illinois, Inc. 

This year is extra special! We took your suggestions from our last 5k and made it more inclusive!!! From September 1-30, choose from a variety of challenges to earn badges for your team. Challenges include physical challenges, fundraising goals, and of course, taking steps to promote safe sleep. There are even challenges for our youngest supporters! So whether you choose to complete a 5k, or you choose to complete the other challenges from our fun list, you can be part of the action!!!!


Many of you know, October is Safe Sleep Awareness month. Sudden Infant Death Services of Illinois, Inc. gets pretty busy around October time. We usually have a #SafeSleep social media challenge and plan for a big in person event in October to raise awareness for safe sleep practices. Although we have come a long way of lowering infant mortality rates, babies still continue to die due to unsafe sleep conditions. Part of our mission is to educate all of our new parents and spread awareness on social media. Our Safe Sleep Challenge starts in September so we can really push the "safe sleep message" and get all of our supporters a chance to be part of the action! This year, we added challenges to help EVERYONE on your team get involved! So whether you share with us your "safe crib" at home, you share a picture of your little one wearing their favorite sleep sack, or you share the badges you earn through other various activities and fundraising goals, you help spread the word! EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!


First, you want to register for the race! Registration is free and we recommend adding people to your team to make it extra fun! Once you register, and the challenge begins (September 1st) you start completing your challenges. The challenges are listed below! Challenges are on an honor system. Once you complete your challenge, log into your account and mark off your completed challenges! Extra brownie points for sharing your completed challenges on social media and tagging us! Also, be sure to follow our Challenge page on Facebook (@sidsillinois) where we answer questions! You can even share your challenge updates with us there! We will even have prizes for each category!

FUNDRAISING CHALLENGES: these challenges win you badges! 

  • BADGE #1 : $50 (must fundraise $50 to receive a challenge shirt)
  • BADGE #2 : $75 (receive a shirt + water bottle)
  • BADGE #3 : $100
  • BADGE #4 : $150
  • BADGE #5 : $200
  • BADGE #6 : $300
  • BADGE #7 : $500
  • BADGE #8 : $750
  • BADGE #9 : $1,000

REGISTRATION POINTS: these challenges earn you 1 point for your team!

  • Sign up for the Challenge
  • Share a post promoting the challenge (you must tag us to get this point) ( maximum of 5 shares per person in each team)

FITNESS POINTS: login to your account every time you complete a challenge! 

  • 3 points : Run/Walk/Bike for 3 miles (maximum 1 per person)
  • 5 points : Run/Walk/Bike for 5 miles (maximum 1 per person)
  • 10 points : Run/Walk/Bike for 10 miles (maximum 1 per person)

SAFE SLEEP POINTS: login to your account every time you complete a challenge! 3 points each!!!!

  • Snap and post a pic of your baby in a safe sleep environment (you must tag us - maximum of 3x)
  • Find an item in a store that does not promote safe sleep, share on our facebook group and say why it isn't safe (maximum of 3x)
  • Share a picture of a company or product that promotes safe sleep (ex: target's safe sleep signs on cribs) (maximum of 3x)

KIDS PARTICIPATION POINTS: for all your kiddos under the age of 12! 3 points each!!!!

  • Kids under 2 - take a picture with your favorite sleep sack! (maximum of 3x - must be different sleep sacks)
  • Swing on a swing 50x (maximum of 3x)
  • Complete 50 jumping jacks (maximum of 3x)
  • Show us a picture of your little one practicing safe sleep on their stuffed animal or toy! (maximum of 3x)
  • Take a walk to your favorite local park!






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