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Starts: 10/10/2021

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Activities: SwimRun, 14 Miles, 7.25 Miles, 8 Miles

It started as a bet in 2002 and grew into the now famous Öttilö race series. SwimRun is an endurance event completed in teams of two. You and your partner will journey clockwise around the lake through the stunning coves and around the mountain via trails. Teams will alternate between overland runs and open water swims all while staying within 10-meters of their partner. This is not a relay and you must stay together at all times.

Teams include all-male, all-female, and mixed-gender.

We have a solo option for the short course too! 

Participants will swim in their shoes and run in their wetsuits to minimize transition time and gain a competitive edge. 

Please consider if the Long or Short Course option is right for you and be honest about your open water swimming skills.  You must be a competent swimmer with sighting skills and the ability to locate landing zones that may not be immediately apparent on an opposite shore.

Time limits will be imposed at two checkpoints along the course that must be reached before the time cut off.  Failure to reach the checkpoints within the allotted timeframe will result in a DQ and mandatory return to the finish line. 

Wetsuits covering the full torso and upper thighs at a minimum are based on our "120 degree rule". Please see the details on our website for clarification. 

Clinics will be offered prior to race day to familiarize you with the course and help you feel more comfortable in the dynamic open water swim/run environment.

What you get:

  • Race shirt
  • Race memento (handmade by your race director)
  • Race bib
  • Aid stations with Tailwind Nutrition and Huma Gels
  • Well-marked and supported course
  • Post-race meal

No refunds, deferrals, or transfers are allowed.

We do not mail race shirts, swag bags, or awards. 

The 4th annual SwimRun Georgia event will again be directed and produced by Peak Racing Events (

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