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Activities: 1118.87 Miles, 250 Miles

ver wondered how long the perimeter of Ohio is? Well, the answer is 1118.87 miles as calculated by the Ohio Department of Transportation TIMS Data re-projected to the State Plane HARN Coordinate System. What does that mean? It means this distance is crazy accurate! (Note, islands in Lake Erie not included!)

So we're giving you one year starting Dec 31st to run the distance around Ohio! Good luck and have fun!

- Register for the event and get the distance done over the course of a year. "Simply" run or walk 1,118.87 Miles over the course of 2021 and log your miles as you go in the super easy tracking device and voila, you're done!

- We will ship you the official Buckeye State Challenge shirt and made in the USA finisher's medal!

- Please see the instructions within the FAQ on how to track your progress. As you upload your mileage every day you'll see your little dot move around the state. Some days it will feel like it's not going far but as the days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months you'll make your way around the Buckeye State!

Be sure to use #BuckeyeChallenege during your run/walk! We will repost in our Instagram story!

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