Start date: 02/02/2023

Registration: opens 11/21/2022
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Activities: Off-road ūüöīūüŹŅ‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ, Cycling Camp, 4.5 laps, 7.5 hours, 10.5 hours

GID: 58202




What: OPEN GYM! More specifically to PURPOSEFULLY practice Mtb skills at the Disco Barn

When:   February 2nd-- April 2nd (open 2 days a week*)

Where: The Disco Barn, located at the Dirt Disco, directions below.

Why: Because progression rules! The Dirt Disco wants to be part of that!

How it works:   A few days before a scheduled session, simply text me if you are planning on coming. Three riders and one coach is the perfect number. IF we get 3 people per session, that session is closed. I will  send out a message letting people know when a session gets full. Sessions will usually be on  Saturday mornings and Thusrdays evenings.   IF the disco pass gets popular enough, I can add a third session some weeks.  It's mandatory that you message in advance if you are planning on coming, if you end up not being able to make it, that's fine, NO BIGGIE, but a madatory "I'm planning on coming" is required!

*Most weeks the Disco Barn will be open on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Mid-week day time slots could be made available, if there is interest. Some weeks may shift here and there based on vacations and poor weather conditions. But fear not, you WILL have all the opportunity you need to use all your tickets, NO.MATTER.WHAT!  You will be kept apprised of any schedule changes/modifications. 

These session will be about spedning lots of time practicing. Reps people, reps! Not a lot of standing and listening to me! 


The Disco barn may not be massive, but there is plenty of room for riders to practice important skills/ maneuvers, including:

Track stands--its all starts here folks!

Front-Wheel Lifts--the trails ain't smooth!

Rear-Wheel Lifts--sometimes it won't just roll over!

Bunnyhops--you're in charge!

Skinnies--all shapes and sizes!

Roll-Downs it's a steep world out there!

Corning--the holy grail!

Log overs--love or hate 'em, there out there!

Wheelies--want to be a kid again, boom!

Manuals--so hard, so cool!




Flat Pedals are recommended, but not required.


The Barn does offer shelter and you can actually get quite warm with minimal winter clothing, That said, plan to dress for cool to cold weather riding.  I WILL keep you moving, a lot! We will even do some strength/balance work if needed. Bottom line, you will be warm  and get a workout!'  BAM! ( And I have a salamander heater that will melt your face off in no time if it really gets cold!)

Please note that even though this event takes place inside, you could fit a small child through many of the gaps in the barn wood. The barn offers shelter, firm, dry ground, but allows for plenty of ventilation. 

Bring your playlist,  music makes most things better!



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