With this event, we are honoring the life of Ian and bringing to light the importance of mental health and how to care for it. 

The event hasn’t changed, but our focus and vision has.

First, we are celebrating Ian’s 21st birthday, his Golden Birthday. Secondly we remember Ian for all that he gave of himself and the lives he touched. 

Despite his illness, he put others first, worrying about his friends and family, making sure they were ok. 

We cannot change the past, but with your help we can change the future. We challenge you to help us help others, to pay attention to those around you and to look closely at those loved ones that might be struggling and offer them a hand to help them up. We are asking you to invite a friend to complete the Strength Event with you and spread the word that you are never alone. 

Our vision is to change the landscape of what is available for those that suffer. Be Better Holland, in conjunction with Mosaic Counseling, will have support groups starting in September, focusing on the ages of 13-24 years of age as well as parents and guardians. Support groups that will be offered include bereavement, coping with mental illness,navigating the system, and helping friends and family. (See bebetterholland.com. for further information.

This event will last for the entire month of September. For the Love of Ian


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