Every trail of the ~36 miles of trail at the ASC Greenway.  Registration opens Sunday, April 24, and closes Thursday, June 30.  You must be a member of the Greenway, or pay the daily fee, to run the course.  

When you register you will receive a turn-by-turn description of the course.  No course map will be provided.  You can pick up a map of the Greenway trails at any kiosk or here.  The course instructions match the map except as indicated on the instructions.  The course starts at the Canteen at the Lake Haigler entrance and must be started there.

This run is self-supported.  The course description has locations where water is available and can be dropped.  If you are attempting the course and contact the FMAR email address, some help may be arranged. 

You can run the course, or any part of it, between April 29 and July 3.  If you run the entire course, or think you did, you can provide some documentation (Strava, GPX, for example).  Mileage totals will not be accepted as evidence.  Verified runs will be consolidated and reported out in July.  

Donations are accepted, but not required.  100% of all donations go to the Historic Paradise Foundation.

Questions, or suggestions will be entertained, particularly clarification of the directions.  Every segment of every trail is not included.  There are many areas where that would require very short out-and-back runs or multiple looping of the same trail.  Those were left out to make the course descriptions easier to follow. No extra credit will be given for overachieving.  

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