Start date: 06/17/2023

Registration: opens 03/20/2023
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THE 2023 MTBNJam Has Been Cancelled

Racing has been a part of the NJ mountain bike culture for as long as we have been in & around this sport. Events, however, have not. Over the past 10 years we have seen events come & go, with too few options being available in this biking-rich state we live in. After a solid first pass at this event, MTBNJ has decided to continue to put on the second in what may turn out to be an annual event. That event will continued to be called the MTBNJam. It's...sweet?

We believe the biking population wants (needs?) more general events & festivals in the area. While most local events are races, most of the our riders are not racers. Because of this, MTBNJ is hoping to bring more of the general riding population together to see more of the state that may be hard for some to navigate solo. 

The Format

The day will be broken out into the following schedule:

  • Before 8:00: Team MTBNJ sets up the venue.
  • 8:00-10:00: Registration: Bagels & Coffee provided
    • Plus The Beat Utah's Time Endro Competition
    • Plus Short Track Beat My Time Competition
  • 9:45: Rider Meeting
  • 10:00-1:00: The majority of the rides happen here
    • TBD but we expect 5-10 rides from 1-3 hours long. We will cover all 3 Allamuchy parks, and will cover all skill levels from beginnger to expert. 
  • 12:00-2:00: Free lunch!
  • 1:30: Awards for the morning competition, and all raffles
  • 2:00: Wave 2 (light) of group rides
    • TBD but a smaller set of rides will go out at this time
  • 4:00: Event ends

Registration: Bagels & Coffee sponsored by [TBD]

The day will start at 8:00 with user registration. The team (MTBNJ) will be there before this, of course. If you arrive a few minutes early, we can get things going as soon as people get there. The first part of the day is dedicated to getting to know each other, as well as enjoying some free bagels and coffee, courtesy of [insert sponsor here]. 

While we know not everyone will get there by 8:00, we encourage people to show up to get to know some of your mountain biking peers. Feel free to do so with a bagel and cup of coffee.

Demo Fleet #1 sponsored by Tenafly Bicycle Workshop

The first set of demo bikes will be provided by Shepherd and Tenafly Bicycle Workshop. The details of the demo bikes are TBD but we will have a good set of wheels available to try out. 

Rides - TBD

The 10:00 rides will be broken down into the following:

  1. All TBD as of this writing 3/19/23. 
  2. Note that all skill levels will be represented in the ride selection and as we get closer to the event, we will start to announce the rides & ride leaders.

Shimano Swag - Lazer Helmets Gets Acquired by Shimano

Local rep Wayne Foose will not be in attendance, but he will be giving us some shorts, hats, and helmets to raffle off at rthe mid-day lunch & awards ceremony. Wayne & Shimano have always supported everything we at MTBNJ have done, and this event is no exception. We are eternally thankful for the support. 

Rocky Mountain Demo Bikes - TBD

We have word from the East Coast rep that there may be a Rocky Mountain demo truck at the event - currently this is pencilled in. Ethan would be showing up with a selection of bikes to use on some of the trails at the event. For those of you who are e-crious...well, maybe there will be something for you to check out as well. You'll just have to show up and see what there is to see. We're super excited to get our first fleet of demo bikes for the event. 

Martys Reliable Cycle & Giant demo Bikes - TBD

Marty's Reliable Cycle | New Jersey Bike Shops

Giant Bicycles Indianapolis at Indy Cycle Specialist

Marty's Reliable Cycle is still working to see if they can get a fleet of demos to bring to the event. Due to the endless supply chain issues, we do not currently know the status of what they are able to aupply. 

Stans Samples & Swag - TBD

Stan's NoTubes Race Sealant, New R&D Division, and New Logo - Bike World  News

Stans will not be on-site but they are expected to be sending free samples for the event as well as some swag. Be on the lookout for some free sealant as well as raffle merchandies. 

Beat Utah's Time Enduro Run

This will be a single best run down the hill to see who has the fastest time. This is a friendly competition that will not have an official podium, nor a cash payout, nor swag. Specific details of this competition are TBD. We are also looking for a second run on the day.

Note that ANYONE who participates in the event will be entered into a raffle to win 1 of the sponsor giveaways. 

The timed enduro competition will run from 8:00-10:00.

Short Track Beat My Time Competition

The short track course will be open all day but will be running time trial runs to see who can turn in the best time on the day. Try it once, or 20 times!

Like the Enduro competition, ANYONE who participates in the event will be entered into a raffle to win 1 of the sponsor giveaways. 

The timed short track competition will run from 8:00-10:00.


Opens at 8:00am. You will be given a wrist band or something to indicate you are supposed to be at the event. This will also serve as your meal ticket. 

Event Logistics Map

Coming soon (or not)!

Day Of Registration

There will NOT be day-of registration available. 

Food & Water

Food & water will be available on some limited basis, but it is always a good idea to bring your own supplies. Lunch will be provided but if a really, really hungry guy shows up and eats 45 burgers, someone may be left out in the proverbial cold. 




The above is subject to change. As always, you can tune in to for more details.

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