So I have done some tough workouts that put me in the pain cave during my life and will be doing a lot more for the years to come. I decided to make a challenge to do 10 of some of the toughest workouts I have done. Some will take a long time and some will be short but brutal. There is no first place or last place. The goal is to do all 10 workouts within one year. I do not recommend doing them 10 days in a row, to complete all of them you can break them up however you want but you must do all 10 workouts in the year starting January 1st to December 31st. There is a catch: you will not know what the workouts are until you sign up for the challenge. You will track your workouts using either gps, video or photos. Once you complete all of them, reach out to me and I will mail you a finisher medal and a certificate proving you are BADASS! 

As an added bonus there is a chance for one person to win a custom-built metal hanger   

Equipment needed. Sandbag that can go up to 80lb, dumbbells 15lb up to 50lb, pull-up bar or place to do pull-ups, weighted vest 20lb, and something 100lb to 125lb to drag.

It will be $18, breaking down the price, $3 of it is for the cost of the medal and shipping. $15 will go to the Donald Driver foundation. 

   There is no mailing location just email if you have any questions

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