Raccoon Mountain Pumped Station Reservoir - Laurel Point, Chattanooga

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What's a trash panda? It's a fun term for a raccoon...because they sort of look like giant pandas (in their coloring) and they sort of look like red pandas (which sort of look like raccoons) and also, they like to dig through the trash. It's also the slightly-bratty-but-still-kinda-cute little sister race to our perennial powerhouse, the spring Raccoon Mountain races. (Which were sadly not available in 2021, but will be back in 2022!) 

START/FINISH: Laurel Point on Raccoon Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee

- There will be swag. Things are still a little wacky as our suppliers try to navigate coming out of the pandemania, so Trash Panda-mania WILL have swag, but we don't know what it will be JUST yet. Worst case (which isn't so bad), we'll do like we've been doing for our 2021 races, and just pull a bunch of stuff out of the warehouse - beach towels, double walled stainless steel travel cups, hats, coffee mugs, all the fun raccoon-themed shirts, all kinds of things - and just let you choose what you'd like from a number of options on race day. 
- Laser burned wooden finisher medal. Not mass-produced, so no two medals will be exactly the same. Produced by a real, live actual Tennessean.

We will be using only the trails that connect to Laurel Point. The loop is about 3-ish miles long. We'll have an out-and-back section marked for each distance to get you to the appropriate mileage. The 5K is a little longer than 3.1 miles, which is why it is a 5-ish K, and if you're not cool with -ish measurements, you probably won't enjoy running/walking/hiking/dorking around with us.

The trail is technical in that there are roots and rocks, but it's not particularly difficult. There are no water crossings. Trail shoes are useful, but not necessary. Beginners, hikers, children of all ages are welcome. There is an eight hour time limit for all distances. You must be out on your last lap by 3:45pm. We don't DNF; we'll give you a finish time for the distance you did complete. 

AKA, what we're known for. There will be one gigantic aid station that you'll pass on each lap. At the aid station will be Gatorade, water, Coke, Mountain Dew, energy gels, a variety of chips, candy, and cookies, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pickles and pickle juice shots, and a full array of non-food supplies like Vaseline, salt pills, etc. There will also be a mini aid station with drinks and a handful of snacks, as part of the course. Please bring your own painkillers if you think you will need them (our insurance prohibits us giving any painkillers to you) and use them responsibly!

You are welcome to leave a drop bag at the designated area near the aid station. Feel free to bring a chair to put your drop bag on, a full change of clothes, your teddy bear, whatever you think you'll need to make it through your chosen race distance.

Our crew is also known for their unparalleled support. We'll get you to the finish line if you let us help you! We drain and bandage blisters (we will even prep your feet BEFORE the race in an attempt to prevent those blisters from ever happening!), we keep you cooled down with ice, we work on cramps, we give great pep talks and we'll talk you out of quitting with some tough love if that's what it takes. We're here to help you, just like we've helped thousands of people before you, and we consider you family, not just another runner with a number like many races. We're not saying our family isn't a little bit dysfunctional from time to time, but it keeps things interesting, doesn't it? Seriously though, all we want is to get you to the finish line and we'll do what it takes to help you get there, and we'll be waiting there to celebrate with you!

Packet Pickup:
Saturday, September 18, 2021, 7:30am - 8:55am at Laurel Point on Raccoon Mountain 

This race will be timed and results will be posted.


This is NOT a slick, corporate, super-professionally produced race. We're still the same grassrootsy, laid-back people we've always been. We cater to the non-competitive, fun-loving runners of the world. We are a bunch of dorks that can measure a course and decorate it with silly raccoon signs and we do our best to make it fun. If you are expecting Ironman-levels of infrastructure and an army of volunteers, you aren't going to get it from us. You have been warned and we won't take you seriously if you complain that we're not like a typical race, because, well, that's never been a secret. If you want to have a good time in an atmosphere that is more 'giant group run' and less 'super professional NYC marathon'-type thing, we'd love to invite you to join us! If you're only worried about running super fast and not about enjoying your experience and being around good humans, this is NOT the race for you. We welcome the fast AND the slow, we just don't want anyone to be disappointed in what they get when they register, so we don't keep it a secret that we value camaraderie over competition! 


Making individual codes for every person who deferred or transferred a race in 2020 would take a really long time, and it's just way too labor intensive to make sense, so we have set codes for each race that we were forced to cancel last year. If you were one of the people affected (i.e. you paid for a race last year and did not attend and did not choose the virtual option, due to the pandemic), here is what you do: Register, DO NOT PAY, use the coupon code that refers to the race that you did NOT complete and did NOT choose to do virtually. You may only use this code ONCE. The code may be used for a distance equal to or shorter than the one you were originally signed up for. We WILL be checking the list to catch anyone who fraudulently uses a code, and you will NOT be permitted to participate on race day, and will be banned from all future Awesomesauce events, so we suggest you don't try any funny business. DO NOT use the codes if you were NOT signed up for these races in 2020. DO NOT use the codes if you chose to have a virtual packet mailed to you. 

If you pay for your race registration without using the code, you will NOT be refunded. Do not pay and then email us or ask us on race day for a refund because you were due a race deferral/transfer. Runsignup charges us to refund you, and it's a hefty fee that makes us lose a lot of money, so we will not do it.

Things are still VERY touch and go this year, and we do not expect all of our races to be scheduled in 2021. We are taking each state, municipality, and park one at a time and doing our very best to get as many races up and running as possible. Many factors contribute to whether or not a race can happen. Like with this park, they were willing to work out a compromise on location for us, while keeping everything else the same, but not all locations are operating with such flexibility and being willing to accommodate our standards. If the race you want to hold out for is not open for registration, that is because we simply DO NOT KNOW if it will be happening. We don't have a crystal ball. There are a lot of things outside of our control, many people involved in making decisions as to whether races can go on. Emailing to ask isn't going to get you an answer, because if we KNOW we are able to have a race, we will post it on our website and open registration. Your race transfer/deferral will be good until at least 2023, so you can wait on using it if you'd prefer.

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