Start date: 03/03/2023

Registration: opens 12/12/2022
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Activities: Road race 🚴🏿‍♂️

Overview: The Tucson Bicycle Classic is a three-day USA Cycling stage race.  Stage 1 - time trial.  Stage 2 - road race.  Stage 3 - circuit race. Riders MUST complete each stage in order to start the next stage.  Exception: Groupings that include Novice riders. See Tech Guide for details.

Team Limited: Groups are team limited to a maximum of 8 riders per team. If, 10 days before the Tucson Bicycle Classic there are fewer than 100 riders registered for Pros or the field limit has not been met for other grouipings, the number of riders per team will be increased for those categorty groups to a maximum of 12 riders per team.

Equipment: No TT bikes.  See Tech Guide for limitations on aero equipment. 

Details: For course layouts, times, distances and venue locations see Tech Guide posted at


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