Welcome to the Washington Island Ultra Relay. Presented by Emerys Cycling, Triathlon & Fitness, Produced by Mammoth Endurance. It's ultra racing... on an island, with 200 of your friends you haven't met yet. You won't find anything like it anywhere else in the world and we're damn proud of that. Mammoth is a small "ma and pa" operation and always will be. We love ultra racing, camping, good times, good beer (or whiskey) and good competition. The beauty of the Island is truly an experience in and of itself. From the crystal clear water, the lakeside camping at beautiful Gislason Beach, A smooth and exciting bike course pass the Lavender Fields, breathtaking starry skies as you run and ride through the night - you have to experience this race at least once in your lifetime. 

We've been racing on the Island since 2016. We work with and respect Washington Island and its residents each year and expect our participants to do the same. We fell in love with this place in 2014 and we'll be damned if we find out someone from our event is leaving trash, being rude or not following the rules. Our rules are simple - follow them, or you're not welcome to race. Easy peasy :) Big love and thanks to the town of Washington island for your continued support of this event! We're honored to be racing on your island! 

For other ultra races like this one, visit www.mammothendurance.com. We host multiple events around the country, each one very special in its own right. 

We can't wait to host you and welcome you to the Washington Island family of athletes. We'll take good care of you, cook you tasty food and work our tails off to ensure you have a great experience. Once you drive onto the ferry are headed for the island, you'll then understand how special this event really is. 

See you on the island!

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