Start date: 02/19/2023

Registration: opens 01/15/2023
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Activities: Off-road 🚴🏿‍♂️, Fat bike, 4 laps, 3 laps, 6 laps, 5 laps, 2 laps


What's this all about? Winterraden is German for winter bike. We are pretty sure it is anyhow. Google said. This is a regular bike race that's anything but regular. First,it's in February. In New England. Run by the Urban Assault build crew. Pretty much anything can happen. Weather will determin how we will run this event. So start times, lengths of the course and categories may be affected on race day. We do have a secondary date if weather doesn't cooperate. February 26th. Registrations will transfer to alternate date. No refunds if you can't make the second date. Do a weather dance or something. 

  The course and timing:

When will we start? Start times will be determined day of after open loop is completed. Due to the fact that we are not Nostradamus and won't know conditions of the course till day before the event. Maybe.

The course will be timed by laps. length will be anywhere from 1.5 miles to 2 miles.The folks at Eleven11Timing company use chips so plates won't be necessary. That means please pick up your chip and kindly return it after.  The race will have built structures, obstacles and drops. With time consequential go arounds.Regular words:"you gotta go around it, if you don't want to send it" No one will be forced to ride any features and it's not mandatory to use them. If you're fast you won't need them. If you're not fast but sendy there's your edge. Capeche? Course will be marked,arrowed and taped. It's the Racers responsibility to know race route. An open loop will be at 10 am so everyone can ride or course walk the race. Please don't be standing on features at anytime especially during open loop. Each catagory will have a first,second and third place winner. This is old school no swag all brag racing. We are really about the course and bringing some interesting racing to New England. Show up with a great attitude to battle it out with some like minded bike weirdos in a really kool race.

We aren't opposed to costumes or crazy headwear. 

Team tent area and general information:

Everyone is welcome to setup in the designated " get ready" area but you won't be able to park there. There is ample parking at Diamond Hill and you can get ready at your vehicle too. 10x10 tents are allowed in this zone but have to be weighted or staked in the ground. No open fires are allowed but gas grills are kool. No alchohol is allowed on town property. Dogs must be leashed. People should be fully clothed at all times yatta,yatta,yatta. Registration opens at 9:00 am. Not 8:59. Seriuosly,no. Waivers must be filled out and anyone under 18 must have parent/guardian's signature. You can download and print them to sign or e sign. If you print waivers bring it with you day of event. Porta jons and bathrooms are on site please use them. Helmets will be worn by everyone pedaling a bike. Even if you're not racing. Pedaling a bike. This means you. Don't be that person. Multiple catagory discounts just incase you did bring a fatbike or Ebike.

Hope you can make it this will be a blast. Keep the rubber side down. Ride bikes be happy. 

Urban Assault Build Crew 




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